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Russell Brandom from The Verge:

In the early morning hours of October 21st, 2014, Partap Davis lost $3,000. He had gone to sleep just after 2AM. While he slept, an attacker undid every online security protection he set up. By the time he woke up, most of his online life had been compromised: two email accounts, his phone, his Twitter, his two-factor authenticator, and most importantly, his bitcoin wallets.

This is one of the most interesting pieces I read on The Verge for two reasons:

  1. This story remind me of what happened to Naoki Hiroshima aka @N.
  2. The design of the page is really great, the effect on the Headings and the Featured Image, along with the table of content, all contribute to a great reading experience.

If you didn’t read this story yet, I encourage you to do so.

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