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Boxer Review - The Dos Games Emulator for Mac


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To everyone looking for a Dos Games Emulator for Mac, you’re in luck, because Boxer is the best emulator for your mac Dos Games needs.

I’m sure a lot of you played some DOS games before, such as DOOM or Duke Nukem, These two games are my favorite.

But since long time ago i didn’t have the chance to play with them, due to the fact that i have a MacBook running Snow Leopard (yeah i know, i’m still living in the SL era). So i did bit of research, and i came across Boxer, The best Dos Games Emulator for Mac.

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Basically Boxer is a DOS emulator, whether you have purchased a copy of it in your hard disk, or if you still have it on floppies and bootleg game, Boxer will magically convert them so you can run them seamlessly on your mac just like any other Mac game.

Boxer is beautifully designed to the point where it makes you forget that this is a DOS Emulator (Until you start the first game and you see all the pixelated characters moving around! :P)

Boxer is free and you can download it here

And Don’t forget to check these two sites for more games!


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