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News47ell now hosted on Lightning Base


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I’m really happy to say that News47ell is now hosted with none other than Lightning Base. A special thanks to Chris Piepho the founder of Lightning Base for his tremendous help through this entire process. I contacted Chris about a week ago and told him how my site was having multiple outages a day, 62 outages and total of 19 hours of downtime in one month.

I wanted a new host that offers PHP 7, HTTP/2 and Staging site, and most importantly for my site to NOT suffer any more downtime.

Chris responded right away and said that all of these things can be achieved easily, so I signed up and I dove inside the CPanel which I’m not familiar with, but it wasn’t that hard to learn.

The site has been on Lightning Base host for the past few days now and things are running smoothly.

Yesterday, with the help of Chris, News47ell support HTTP/2, which you can learn more about its benefit here, and see a demo about it from Akamai here.

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